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While Tam O'Shanter's has the prime rib options that Lawry's does, the other options are a bit more gourmet and intriguing for foodies. The I ordered a kale salad with a heffweizen dressing that was tasty! Even my husband who sometimes laughs at my 'healthy choices', admitted to enjoying it. The soups are also delicious. There was Scotch beer I've never seen anywhere else that was enjoyable too.

We recently had a few special occasions and I am glad to say that the service as well as the meals were consistently great!

Hope you enjoy too! Tonight was the best time we ever had. Shawn was an awesone server who attended to our needs and concerns efficiently. The food was delicious too. The trout was amazing! Of course those who had the prime rib said it was scrumptious too. My boyfriend and I have been to Tam O'Shanter twice, and both times, the service left a lot to be desired.

Since the actual server doesn't bring the food out, requested items are forgotten and then it takes some time before we see anyone to follow up. When the food runner brought the meal, we did not get the extra plate we requested. It wasn't until the food was cold that we finally were brought the extra plate.

It didn't arrive with the food, and while he kept getting the 'it'll be right out', it didn't get delivered until he was practically done with his meal. At which point, he no longer wanted it. I was shocked we were actually charged for it when it appeared it was forgotten to be added into the order until the first 'I'm so sorry - it should be right out'. Always excellent! We have been going there for over 30 years and have always been pleased. We think of the staff as family.

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We had a 6: We were seated promptly. The waiter was helpful and attentive. We had a delicious and pleasurable meal. The waiter brought a trifle, lighted candle and four spoons and expressed his happy birthday wishes.

Tam O'Shanter

It was delightful. This is a fun and festive restaurant with a semi-authentic Scottish feel. Lots of beer options, and a wall of bottles of scotch displayed prominently in the restaurant's entry. We went for a friend's birthday dinner and all had a really fun time We loved having the great food of Lawry's prime rib without driving in Beverly Hills traffic. Lawry's prime rib is found in the quaint setting of the Tam O'Shanter Inn.

The Inn is the same as it was in the s. Not at all flashy but charming. Our server was so attentive to our needs and was able to suggest special items for our special dinner celebrating our anniversary.

Zoe Sugg leads UK’s wealthiest female social media influencers

Our booth felt private and intimate. Great experience. Thanks for not changing the old personality. Very special place go us and the food and ambience has not changed. Had a Very Bad experience on our visit. Taken to be seated by Jennifer hostess we asked to be seated at a table against the wall. Jennifer said to wait while she asked at the front desk. After nearly 5 minutes, she returned saying it would Not be possible as that particular seating No longer had a waiter assigned to service it.

Somewhat surprised by this, we asked the host, John, why this table was now available when we had just been told No one could be seated there. He left saying he would find out for us. John never returned as promised and ignored our table until we were forced to ask Why he never returned with an explanation as promised.

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  5. John replied flippantly that he did not find out. When we then asked the name of the Hostess, he reluctantly said, ' I think Jennifer' When asked her last name, he turned his back saying rudely, 'I don't know'. We don't mind not being allowed to be seated at a requested table if it is reserved or if we are treated equally with all other patrons. However, to be denied, then given a False reason for the denial, made our guests feel very unwelcome. We are frequent diners at this restaurant and were surprised by the terrible customer service exhibited by the hosting staff. Food was excellent. However, it took approximately two hours to have the three course LA Dine meal.

    It took minutes to get the salad and soup course. Not up to the usual service and meal at Tam. I did complain and asked if it was the kitchen that was so backed up. They said no. Then I watched the server; nice guy but took separate trips for each tables drinks, etc. A good dining experience can be made great by the right serving person. Diane is one of those kind of servers. I'm even willing to settle for my least favorite room in the restaurant room could use some refurbishing to have Diane as a server. She never lets your drink get low and responds quickly to any request.

    Food was good and enjoyed trying new chicken entree and old favorites of prime rib were great. The new spring salad which included watermelon was refreshing. Just a great evening. A great dining experience can be made outstanding by a great server. Diane is incredible. She is on top of everything and works to make sure your experience is perfect. The team of employees working with her from hostess and other staff providing water, bread, boxes and boxing food, etc.

    Rates | Tam O'Shanter of Pennsylvania Golf Course

    All of them, a well-oiled team, are in-tune to create an outstanding dining experience. Everything was delicious. It was obvious that a lot of diners had gotten the same idea; celebrate with dinner at Tam's day early and avoid Mother's Day crush. Restaurant was busy. Our entrees were great. Steak, asparagus poached in butter and mashed potatoes melted in our mouth.

    George Whitefield Chadwick - Tam O'Shanter, after Robert Burns (1915)

    Server Casie was personable and anticipated our needs. One older mother had ordered her favorite appetizers - onion rings and corn fritters. Everyone else in her party had an entree but she consumed her appetizers with relish Always a great experience and the best turkey dinner around! The service Melinda was outstanding and the food was delicious. We'll be back. We had a fantastic dinner, as usual; great food and attentive service. We were very pleased. Always fabulous! We had our favorite server Diane which always makes it fun too! Everyone loved it! My 6th time, but everyone , first time0.

    This was the first visit for a couple of people, they were very impressed and we all had a very enjoyable evening. I used to work on San Fernando road an have been going there since the late sixty's, when it was the Great Scot. Unique historic atmosphere with outstanding service. Food other than Prime rib was mediocre. We were not impressed.

    Lots of background noise from kitchen and waiter staff.